What is a Bod Pod Test?

The BOD POD is a safe, fast, and extremely precise testing to identify your body composition as to the percentage of fat mass to lean mass. Fat mass comprises the entire fat tissue in your body, while lean mass comprises bone, bodily fluid like blood, organs, and skeletal muscle.

Currently, the BOD POD is the best cutting-edge technology accessible that uses an Air Displacement Plethysmograph (ADP). It offers exceptional repeatability and tracking and is suitable for all kinds of people, including the elderly, children, disabled, and obese.

What to Expect?

  1. The BOD POD testing is by schedule, and you may contact 801-585-7325 to set an appointment.
  2. Expect a 30-minute appointment.
  3. Specific clothing is needed for the BOD POD testing.
    • Women: A swimsuit or form-fitting lycra shorts and a sports bra.
    • Men: A speedo or form-fitting lycra shorts.
  4. A compression short is also available at PEAK if needed.
  5. Do not eat or exercise 4-5 hours prior to your test.
  6. No coffee for 4-5 hours before your test.
  7. Do not smoke or drink alcohol for 2 hours before your scheduled test.
  8. Do not engage in strenuous and high-intensity weight training 12 hours prior to your test.
  9. Do come rested and relaxed.
  10. The client merely sits comfortably inside the BOD POD for about two to three 50-second testing periods.
  11. BOD POD testing results are ready immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

The BOD POD body composition measurements are equal, which statistically has no substantial variance, gathered in four (4) compartment model reference methods. Since the BOD POD test is simple and provides exceptional repeatability, it is also known as the “Practical Gold Standard.”

The BOD POD Gold Standard Body Composition Tracking System is an easy, ten-minute test that calculates the client’s weight and volume using an exact electronic scale that is evaluated by sitting inside the BOD POD chamber. It uses patented Air Displacement Plethysmography in identifying the percent fat and fat-free mass both in adults and children.

There are two (2) chambers of the BOD POD test. The front testing Chamber to where the client sits and is covered by a seat that forms a common wall separating it from the rear, or the Reference Chamber. The chamber door is protected by a set of electromagnets and a gasket throughout the short data collection period of the volume measurement. Likewise, a Diaphragm is attached to the standard wall that oscillates throughout the BOD POD testing, which causes minor changes in volume inside the chamber. These little changes in volume measure the pressure response. Two (2) measurements are being done: the first is measuring the interior volume of the BOD POD chamber while still empty, and the second measurement is when the client is seated inside. By subtraction, the client’s body volume is acquired. For illustration, if the interior air volume of the empty chamber is 400 liters, and the magnitude of the chamber is reduced to 350 liters with the client inside, the body volume of the subject would be 50 liters. Once the client’s mass and volume are identified, the body density is computed, and the relative percentage of fat and fat-free mass is determined.

The entire BOD POD test, which includes the printed results, is approximately ten minutes. However, PEAK sets a 30-minute appointment for paperwork and discussing the BOD POD results.

The BOD POD is intended to satisfy an extensive diversity of human shapes and sizes and can cater to clients with a height up to 7 feet and a weight of 550 pounds. Due to its generous-sized interior and enormous window, sumo wrestlers, NFL, and NBA teams regularly employ the BOD POD without a sweat.

During BOD POD testing, measuring the volume and mass can majorly affect clothing, hair, jewelry, and eyeglasses. So all clients in the BOD POD testing must take off all jewelry and eyeglasses. Wear specific minimal, form-fitting clothing such as a Lycra or Spandex swimsuit, single-layer compression shorts, or lightweight jog bras, which can be worn throughout the testing without padding or wires. A swim cap is also needed to reduce any air pockets within the hair.

The client’s submission for the BOD POD testing is relatively easy. For a short measurement period, just sit comfortably and quietly inside the BOD POD, no talking or laughing. Sounds of the valves opening and closing can be heard, but a majority of the people are unconscious of the minor pressure changes that transpire during a BOD POD test. Some people noticed the sensation of going from the first to the second floor in an elevator.

The answer is no. Clients who will undergo BOD POD testing must wait for at least two hours after exercising or eating and be entirely calm.